• Expense Form

    To reduce the manual data entry by the finance team, we ask submitters to fill out two forms.

    First, fill out the reimbursement form below. On Sunday, once you give it to the finance team along with the printed receipt(s), you will be reimbursed for the expense immediately.

    Second, submit your ministry expense online by clicking the link at the bottom.

    (Please note that this only creates a record for the finance team to view and evaluate the expense).

  • Budget Form

    If you have a ministry expense that was not budgeted but would like to request a new budget for it, please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible.

    Also, if you are requesting extra budget for the existing budget item (greater than $250), fill out this form for approval as well. Leadership team will review the request and finance team leader will get back to you shortly.

  • Deposit Form

    If you received money in cash or cheque, download and fill out the form so that deposit can be made to the church account. Once printed, give it to the finance team leader.


  • Room Booking Form

    Launch the booking system by pressing the button below to book the meeting spaces for your ministry.

    Here is the instruction on how to use the booking system.

    The current meeting spaces available are:

    • Atrium

    • Cafeteria

    • Room 206

    • Room 207

    • Room 208

  • Inventory Form

    If your purchase was a physical item or equipment over $50 please log it below as inventory.